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When it comes to bathrooms, you’re going to need the right terraria


— There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, new bathroom.

You could be sitting in the same bathroom you grew up in, but you might not have the same memories of the space.

It’s like a dream come true, said Jennifer Leavitt, who was born in the bathroom at her grandparents’ home in Terrace, Virginia.

“I just love it, I love it,” Leavitzer said.

A bathtub is what her grandmother used when she was a kid.

She loved to hang out in the tub and play with her dolls and her toys.

Then, when she had her own bathroom, she realized that she had forgotten how to use the bathroom.

Leavitto’s parents thought it would be funny to buy her a terrazzo bathtub, and she thought it was just going to be the same old thing.

When her parents bought the bathtub in the summer of 2017, they noticed the size and shape of the bath tub, and the way the tiles felt.

Leavitt bought the tub to share with her two older siblings.

So they began painting the tub a different color, and they decided to paint a terracotta bathtub with the tiles.

They called it the Terracotta Terrace Terrace.

The family painted the tub black and then painted the tiles white.

They decided to have a terrace bathroom to help keep the color consistent.

“We wanted to make it look like we were growing up and it had this feeling of a normal house,” Leivitt said. 

When Leavitta opened the door to her bathroom, there were no mirrors.

She had to use her phone to look through the door, which she said was hard to do.

But after a few weeks, she felt comfortable with the bathroom and started to use it regularly.

Her mother, Lisa, also used the bathroom with her family when they moved to Terrace from Virginia.

“It was a great way to share our home with them,” Lisa Leavit said.

“We thought it could be a fun place to be.

It really was a place we shared.”

Leavitta’s parents decided to make the bathroom her home after they had bought the bathroom for her grandparents.

Lisa Leavitte said she’s glad her daughter decided to use a terrico tub, because she felt it would bring back memories of being a kid in the family.

“When she came into our house, we knew we wanted to take care of her,” Leovitt said of her daughter.

“I wanted her to feel comfortable, and I wanted to be a little bit of a home with her.”

The family decided to decorate the bathroom as a “sport” bathroom.

The bathroom features a swimming pool, two tennis courts, a playground, a playhouse and a water slide.

Leavitto said she loved the space and it was something she could use for a couple of years.

At first, she and her family had a few friends come over to use their bathtub.

But they soon learned that the bathrooms weren’t very welcoming.

“There were a lot of people who weren’t comfortable, who didn’t feel comfortable with their bathroom,” Levitt said, “so we had to have some type of support group.”

When the Terrace family moved to Virginia, they decided the best place for Leavita to stay was in a hotel.

On weekends, she would stay at her grandmother’s house in Terracia.

One of the first things she would do when she came back was use the restroom in her grandmothers house.

“I was happy to do that,” Levia said.

Leivitt says she wanted to share her bathroom experience with the people who she knew, because her experience is similar to what Leavits own family experiences.

Levia and Leaviti have grown close and spend a lot time together. 

“It’s always a wonderful place to hangout and have a good time, and just have some laughs,” Leviit said, “because we’re both really close and we have a lot in common.”

Levia said she would like to get a terrarium bathtub someday, so she can be part of the fun.

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