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How To Get Rid of a Wrangler’s Rear Rack

There are so many ways to get rid of a rear rack, but for this article we’re going to focus on one that seems pretty obvious to most: putting it on the roof of your Jeep.

And the best part?

That it’s actually fairly simple.

We’re not talking about removing the rack entirely; it’s just a small piece of hardware that can be attached to the rear deck.

And since the rear rack is a common feature in the Jeep Wrangler, we’re using it as a case study.

We’ll be covering the process in depth in a future article, but we wanted to highlight the benefits of installing the rear ramp on the Jeep.

The process of attaching the rear portion of the rear section to the roof was fairly straightforward.

Remove the wheel arches that surround the rear of the vehicle, then remove the rear bumper.

You’re now ready to remove the back bumper.

Here are the steps: Remove the back of the Jeep and the front of the roof.

Grab the front bumper with the right hand side and lift it up.

Remove and replace the bumper.

Remove one side of the front wheel and the bumper, then lift up the front side of both the wheel and bumper and pull up.

Slide the rear wheel over the bumper to release the rear brake, then lower the Jeep back down onto the ground.

Now, lift the rear wheels and push them into the wheel studs.

There should be a hole in the back wall of the wheel well.

Push the rear end of the wheels into the hole and push the wheel into the studs, then push the rear studs into the back studs and push back the rear outboard.

Repeat until the Jeep is completely secure.

Here’s a closer look at how the rear bumpers are installed.

Remove all of the bolts holding the rear parts of the rack together.

Install the rear ramps.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to cut the rear panels of the bumpers and install the bumper brackets in a similar fashion.

There are two sets of bolts to install on the rear panel of the ramp.

Install a bolt at the bottom of the mounting hole.

This bolt will hold the rear edge of the bumper and is designed to hold the bumper in place.

Install two bolts to hold in place the bumper bracket.

Once you have all of these bolted together, slide the front end of each of the two brackets over the two mounting holes and pull them down to the stud side.

Slide one of the brackets over to the mounting holes of the lower panel.

Slide it into place and tighten the bolts to secure the rear and the rear-end.

Repeat for the other bumpers.

Install all of your rear ramp brackets.

If the ramp assembly is complete, install all of them.

We suggest using 2-1/2″ (6mm) x 3/8″ (9mm) hardware bolts for the rear rear bumper, since they will secure the ramp to the vehicle in the event of a front crash.

Now that you have the rear back ramp installed, you can remove the wheels.

First, remove the bumper from the Jeep’s rear.

Slide up on the bumper with both hands, then slide the bumper out of the way.

The rear wheel will be supported on the front panel.

Once the rear is out, slide your right hand up to the front bumpers, then turn the Jeep to face your truck.

This will secure all of those wheels.

Slide a bolt on the back end of your truck’s rear rack.

You should see a little bolt with a black plastic clip that goes through the bottom half of the back rack.

Slide that bolt into place.

Slide another bolt into the top half of your ramp.

Slide all four bolts in place, then tighten them to secure.

You now have two rear racks.

Once your rear ramps are secure, the rear racks will hang from the rear axle of your vehicle.

Now it’s time to put the rear in.

Install each rear ramp bracket as per the instructions above, and then secure the back panel.

Repeat the process for the front and rear bump.

There is a small rubber bumper pad to be installed over the mounting points for each of your two rear ramp assemblies.

Slide your right foot under the bump pads and slide your left foot underneath the bump bars, then slip your right leg underneath the bumper pad and slide it into the rear slot.

The rubber bump pads will slide under the rear bumps, keeping the bump bar from coming off.

Slide this bumper pad over the rear hump and onto the rear plate.

Slide and secure the rack in place with the backpanel bolts.

Slide down on the top of the bracket, and you’re done!

There’s nothing fancy about the process of installing these rear ramps, but the benefits are obvious.

You get a much better grip on the ramp when you’re moving, and with your wheels on the ground, you won’t lose

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