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How to spot an iPhone 8 Plus and 8 mini review

Apple announced the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus today, and now the duo is getting a new look in a way that is both more futuristic and more comfortable than ever before.

The iPhone 8 is now sporting a black color scheme that is very much akin to the original iPhone, but it’s still an entirely new look.

The black iPhone 8 has a lot going for it: it has a larger screen (which is still larger than the iPhone 7 Plus), it has an aluminum body that has a metallic look, and it has all the same high-quality parts you’d expect in a phone like the iPhone.

While Apple has said it plans to make these phones available in both silver and gold, it has also said it’s going to offer both a silver and a gold model.

The new iPhone 8 comes with a 2,900mAh battery, which means you won’t have to worry about dropping it, but that still leaves a bit of space in your pocket.

Apple’s biggest new feature is its new camera app.

In addition to the usual array of features that come with a flagship device, the new camera features a much more modern, and perhaps more aesthetically pleasing design.

The app has an attractive new interface that allows you to focus on more important tasks in the app without having to scroll through a long list of options.

You can also choose to view photos and videos with the camera on.

The camera app is an easy way to quickly and easily get to the most important photos and movies on your phone.

The best part about the new look for the iPhone X is that it is one of the few new features that doesn’t come with any extra cost.

If you don’t like the look of the new iPhone, you can always get the phone for a cheaper price on Apple’s website.

For $129, you get a 32GB iPhone X and a 4K display.

For more, check out our full review.

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