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New Zealand wedding accessories to be banned in 2019

New Zealanders have been urged to be vigilant with their new-found love of luxury items when they get married.

In a new guidance for the public, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) says that any wedding accessories that are made in the UK or Australia will not be allowed in New Zealand.

A spokesperson for the MBIE said it is a decision the agency made because of the “growing demand” for “glamour and fashion items”.

“Our advice is to be aware of the new regulations, which are designed to address a growing demand for fashion and beauty accessories,” the spokesperson said.

“The regulations set out that items must be made in New England, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.”

The spokesperson added that the MCA has been informed that “certain types of luxury accessories will be banned from sale in New South Wales and Victoria”.

“We are working closely with our local authorities to address any issues and are committed to providing an inclusive experience for everyone,” she said.

The spokesperson said there was no immediate response from the MCO about the advice.

While the guidelines may seem like a new one, the MEGA’s guidelines do not specify the specific items that can be banned.

They also make no mention of the UK and US bans.

Instead, they list the items that could be banned, saying: “All accessories may be banned if they do not comply with the regulations.”

A spokeswoman for the Australian Bureau of Statistics said it could not confirm the ban, but that there are “no restrictions on the import of luxury goods” in the country.

The spokeswoman said the ABS “has not received a notification of any restrictions on import”.

MEGA guidelines on imported luxury goods were also not made available.

New Zealanders will also be asked to avoid “unfairly expensive or unprofessional” prices from overseas manufacturers.

But they can still purchase items online from overseas vendors.

As well as asking people to avoid buying luxury items overseas, the guidelines say the MGA should ensure that “the price, quality and appearance of products imported into New Zealand will not compromise the quality of the goods imported from overseas”.

It also advises consumers to “take note of any packaging, packaging materials or any other materials that may be used in the sale of luxury products”.

There are currently no rules in New Britain or the Taranaki region prohibiting the importation of luxury jewellery, which has been sold by overseas sellers.


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