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We will all live forever, barbie’s creator says

Next Big Futurist article Barbie, the toy doll from Barbie creator Lisa Vanderpump, will become a part of Next BigFuture, an initiative created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the social network.

Facebook launched the platform last year with the goal of making the world a better place through the empowerment of women.

The idea of Barbie in a future where women are empowered and able to lead is the central message of Next Future.

“Barbie is a universal symbol of empowerment,” Zuckerberg wrote on the platform.

“She is the icon for our generation, the best-selling toy in the world and a symbol of the power and possibilities of change.”

Next BigFuturist, a news outlet created to promote Next Bigfuture, announced the news Thursday.

“The story behind the Barbie is that we have the chance to make the world more open and inclusive and to inspire a whole generation of women to be the best they can be,” Facebook Vice President of News, Ed Yong said in a statement.

“So it’s exciting to see a doll whose journey is the perfect embodiment of our goals.”

Barbie will also be featured in Next Big Fantasy as part of the Next Big Fandom initiative.

Facebook has also announced a number of other projects with the intention of making it easier for women to work, live, and be part of society.

In 2017, the social media giant launched a new initiative called Girls Who Code, a project to help women build and sustain careers.

It is also partnering with the Women’s Leadership Institute to create an app that will help women develop careers in tech.

In 2018, the company launched the Girls Who Learn initiative, which aims to bring girls and women together to discuss and share their experiences and achievements in STEM.

It also announced that it is launching a new series of educational apps aimed at helping girls in tech get an edge.

And in 2019, the group created the Girls First initiative to support the growth of women in tech through the promotion of women-led organizations.

“It’s a time for girls to be empowered,” Zuckerberg said in the announcement.

“A time for them to see themselves as the ones making history and building the future.

It’s a great time to celebrate.”

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