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Why you should consider buying a new PS4

There’s nothing better than getting a new gaming system and playing a game that you’ve never heard of.

But as much as we love the excitement and excitement of the first-party PlayStation 4 launch, there are a lot of reasons why we should consider not buying one.

Here’s our list of the top 5 reasons why you should avoid buying a PS4.1.

PS4’s price is a huge pain in the ass for anyone that wants to make a change from a console.

The first-gen PS4 was the cheapest console of the bunch, costing around $500 when it was released in September 2013.

But it’s only now that Sony has put a price tag on the new console that it’s made that difference.

That’s a $30 price drop on a system that’s already priced at $499.

The PS4 Pro adds another $500 to the price, making it more expensive than before.

For the most part, it’s still a cheaper machine than the original PS4, but the difference is huge.2.

PS5 accessories are a huge drain on your budget.

If you already have a PS5, there’s no reason to go back to a PS3 controller.

PS3 controllers were a great way to play older games like Final Fantasy Tactics, but Sony has done away with the physical buttons that were integral to the PS3’s interface.

The original PS5 has replaced the buttons with a PS Move motion sensor, which means you can play any PS3 game on a PS 5 controller.

Sony has even added new accessories to the system like the “PlayStation Home Mini” that is a PlayStation 5 headset.

But for those who already have their PS5 and want to save money, Sony’s updated PS5 controller will cost you $200.3.

PSN isn’t as convenient as the PlayStation Network.

Sony’s PSN network is the only way you can access the PS4 games that are coming to the PlayStation 5, which is a lot to take in.

And PSN is still a free service that has you signing up to be a PS Plus member.

If the PS5 is your primary console, then you’re going to need to go to the network every month or so to get new games.

But you’re also going to want to keep up to date on the PS 4 games coming out to your PS5.

PS Plus members also get the exclusive PS4 Game Pass, which allows them to download any PS4 game for free.4.

The price of the PS 5 has jumped.

The $300 price tag for the PS 3 has already been eclipsed by the $499 price tag of the PlayStation 4.

But with the PS2 still around for $350 and the PS1 still only $400, the PS6 isn’t much cheaper.

The only thing you’re really missing is the PS Camera, which you can buy for $50 at Walmart.

But the PS Eye is available for $15 at GameStop.5.

The new PS5 features better graphics.

The screen is 1080p and the GPU is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, which should be a massive improvement over the PS Vita’s 2GB of VRAM.

But if you’re using a 4K monitor, you’re better off buying a 1080p monitor for $150 instead.

The Xbox One S also uses a 2GB Nvidia GPU, so you won’t be getting a lot out of the system with its 1080p screen.6.

You can’t go back for a PS Vita.

Sony is still selling the PS Vita, which has the same specs as the PSVita but comes with a better screen.

The console comes with an 8GB storage upgrade, but it’s not going to last long if you use it as a gaming console.

If, like me, you plan to buy the PS Plus for PS Vita games, you might as well just buy the system.

But Sony is only selling the console for the time being and won’t offer any updates for it.7.

You’re going through a lot more hassle with the PlayStation Home Mini.

The system is a nice touch for those of us who don’t have a lot on our gaming desk.

But I’ve always found it annoying to have to carry around a large portable game controller around.

I know that some of you have had trouble getting the system to work at all with a gamepad, but we’ve all had the same problems.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time playing PS4 and PS3, it is that you can’t just throw a controller in the suitcase and expect it to work.8.

The PlayStation 5’s price will only increase over time.

The average price of a new PlayStation 5 system will start at $399 in the US and will increase to $499 in Japan later this year.

But there’s a catch: The PS5 will only be available for purchase in Japan through December. Sony won’t

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