How to tell if your new Jeep Cherokee is a Ford Fiesta or Chevy Equinox…

Aug 25, 2021 Necklace

By now you’ve probably seen a picture of your Jeep Cherokee in an ad for a Fiesta or Chevrolet Equinux.

They’re usually either a black hatchback or a sport utility vehicle.

But this weekend’s Nissan Leaf was no different.

It’s a Ford Focus, but instead of a white hatchback, it’s a black pickup.

And you might even be surprised to find that its interior is almost identical to the Focus.

If you’re wondering if you might have a Ford or a Fiesta, the answer is yes.

Both cars are based on the Ford Fiesta, which has been around since 1978.

It is the bestselling car in the US and Europe, but has seen the most sales declines of any car ever.

Ford says its F-150 and F-250 models have sold more than 15 million units since they were introduced in 2006.

But the Focus was introduced more than a decade ago, in the 1980s.

And despite that, its sales have grown steadily over the years.

Ford is planning to introduce the new Focus this year.

The car was first launched in 1982, and its sales grew from 5.1 million in 1982 to 13.4 million in 2003.

The Focus is a small, light, four-door sedan with an electric powertrain.

It offers a choice of four different fuel types, including a mix of regular unleaded, premium unleaded and a hybrid fuel that is both petrol and diesel.

The EPA classifies the F-100 as a “subcompact,” meaning it can carry up to 11 passengers.

Its EPA ratings are good for a combined highway/highway-capable rating of 18.5mpg and city/highland-capability of 19mpg.

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